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Create a personalized privacy protection profile to determine what data you are willing to share with third-party applications, for what purpose, and for how long you want your data to be retained.

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Web Browser Extensions

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Access to mobile applications (iOS and Android)

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Access to web application

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Access to web browser extensions (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera)

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Add unlimited number of privacy policies for any mobile application or website to your arhive

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Search and view individual policies and permissions for mobile apps added in the archive

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View example of AI analysed privacy policies

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View all your AI analysed privacy policies

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Know what data service providers collect, for what purpose and for how long

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Know your data rights

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Know what security measures service providers apply to protect your data

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Know if they collect information about children

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View privacy policy ratings and missing regulations

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now when a privacy policy is not in line with your preferences

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