Safely skip reading privacy policies - install Pro Se extension

Pro Se automatically reads and analyzes privacy policies against your preferences & privacy regulations

Available for Firefox, Edge and Opera

Looking to protect your privacy on a smart phone?

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Define your privacy preferences towards third-party apps
  • Build a custom privacy protection profile
    • WHAT data are you willing to share with third party applications
    • FOR WHAT PURPOSE are you willing to share your data
    • FOR HOW LONG you want your data to be retained
  • Know when a privacy policy is not in line with your privacy preferences
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Build your own archive of accepted privacy policies
  • Access your accepted privacy policies and their versions
  • Get notified on privacy policy updates
  • Get insight into permissions used by your mobile apps
  • Perform custom searches on your digital archive
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View ratings of your accepted privacy policies
  • View Pro Se rating of a privacy policy
  • See missing regulations from a privacy policy
  • View user rating and rate your accepted privacy policies
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