About Us

INVT is a software development company from Serbia focused on innovative applications of digital technologies in legal and financial domains.
The company was released in 2018 by two experts in this domain and very quickly expanded and made a team.
Industries that we are working on, are software development, business innovation, DevOps, machine learning, marketing, and UI and UX design.
Something that we have created and are proud of is our service called Pro Se.

In the light of frequent data privacy breaches and ever increasing amount of personal data that is collected for end users, we developed Pro Se as a solution that allows users to know where their data goes, how it is used, who collects their data and so much more.
From idea to realization it’s been a long way but it was worth it.
The Pro Se guides end users and businesses towards privacy aware Internet of Future.

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Our mission is to empower end users to always be informed and take proactive actions in protecting their online privacy. We also want to provide businesses with ways to present their privacy practices in a more transparent manner thus building trustworthy relationship with their users.


Our vision is of a future in which privacy is no longer a privilege but a fundamental right available to all. We want to be every internet user's trusted companion, providing their insight into the privacy policies shaping their online experiences. With our AI-powered solution, we want to clarify the often-confusing language of privacy policies and empower users to make informed data decisions.


At INVT we are committed to making innovation at every step and constantly pushing boundaries on how cutting-edge IT technologies can benefit society. We are dedicated to nurturing excellence in everything we do. Boldly and valiantly solving challenges that others do not dare. Great ideas without a great team are just that, an idea. Teamwork turns ideas into solutions.


Meet Our Team

Pro Se is powered by a versatile and dynamic team, composed of accomplished professionals who bring expertise from diverse fields, including artificial intelligence, legal studies, user experience design, marketing, and seasoned IT engineering talent.

Meet us

Pro Se Solution

Privacy policies are frequently updated, making it difficult to stay informed about changes that may affect your data privacy. Pro Se monitors policy changes and notifies you of any changes, ensuring that you are aware of how your data is being used and allowing you to reconsider your consent.

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